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1.  All prices quoted are USD CASH prices and are based on the # of people in your booking.  If some of your group change their minds, pricing will increase.  Payment options are: 


       a. In person, IN CASH 

       b. In person by Visa or Mastercard.  +13% tax and 5% processing   fee  

            i. If paying by credit card, we need to know at least   24 hours in advance so                     the company can bring the   credit card processing machine. 


2.  Changes/cancellations for transfers/tours must be received at least 48 hours in advance.  Please consider that this is the driver/guide only work for this day and, as a courtesy to them and their families, payment still needs to be made even if you change your mind at the last minute.  Remember they are not responsible for the weather and tours proceed as planned unless the guide/driver deems it unsafe.   


3.  Your payment does not include tips for the service provider, driver, guide or crew.  If you had a great experience, they would be so appreciative to receive a tip.

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