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Guacamaya is the spanish name for the majestic bird, the Macaw. The awe inspiring beauty of the macaw is what inspired us to showcase the beauty this country has to offer.

We also believe that a tour is more than just a sightseeing experience. It's an opportunity to connect with the land, the people, and the history of a place in a meaningful way. That's why we offer a variety of tours that cater to different interests and preferences.

Image by Lisa van Vliet

Our team consists of experienced and knowledgeable guides who are not only experts in their field, but also have a deep love for the land and the community. We're dedicated to providing a safe, personalized, and unforgettable tour experience for each and every one of our guests.

We're also committed to sustainable tourism practices, and strive to minimize our impact on the environment while maximizing the benefits to the local community. By choosing our tours, you'll not only have an amazing time, but you'll also be contributing to the conservation of the region's natural resources and the support of the local economy.

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We look forward to sharing the wonders of Guanacaste with you!

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